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Stuart Boynton Rowing

Stuart Boynton

Mechatronics Student
UCSD Freshman

  • University of Cape town: University of Cape town
  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: Cape Town
  • Occupation: Studying Mechatronics
  • K18 goal: Have as much fun and excitement as possible, keep my hand deformation to an acceptable level. Tackle the issue of water conservation. Make a new friend.
  • 3 skills you bring to the expedition: Level headedness, mechanical drawings and perseverance.
  • Biggest fear: Having to wear gloves

I have completed my first year at University of Cape Town studying Mechatronics Engineering and am heading to the USA as a freshman at UCSD in September I took up rowing at school, since then I’ve been on rowing tours, to the UK and the US but I never pictured going on a rowing tour to Zambia! The stakes of racing hippos will be much greater than racing regattas.

In my spare time I like running on Table Mountain, snorkeling around the Cape Peninsula, Supping, surf ski-ing, writing Row-Zambezi bios etc…

Rowing highlight so far: Being coached by Stevo

Why I’m coming to K18

Rowing + rivers + rowing + Africa + people + A break from Dad = reasons!!

I appreciate that I have had amazing opportunities come my way and when an opportunity of K18 presented itself I knew that this would be an amazing learning curve for me, as well as a once in a life time experience.

The calibre of people that I will be rowing with is inspirational. I cannot begin to imagine the Kafue River and the surrounds and know it promises to be a 2-week classroom to top all classrooms.

One of the main reasons for this trip is to help fund a water research center and raise awareness of water conservation. Cape Town is currently experiencing a major water crisis, this helped me realize and understand the problems surrounding water conservation. I believe that humankinds greatest problem today is that many people do not have access to clean water, the most basic of necessities.

The lessons I will learn of the beauty and challenges of the African wild life, the people of Zambia and the mighty Kafue River will be with me forever and will shape my life going forward. (And my big brother is rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, December 2018, so I need to keep up.)

What you are worried about.

Everything is scary… blisters, crocodiles, blisters, hippos, mosquitos, blisters, losing and world-class rowers.

our squad

Zoe De Toledo
Zoë De Toledo

Olympic Silver Medallist
European Rowing Championships Gold Medallist

Mouse Thornycroft
Micheen (Mouse) Thornycroft

2 time Zimbabwean Olympic Rower
2017 Filippi Spirit Award Winner

Desmond Nanchengwa

Top Single Male Sculler In Zambia
Competed In 3 World Championship Events

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