Welcome To Rowzambezi 2018 The Kafue Expedition, Zambia

In July and August 2018 our group of passionate rowers, adventurers, Olympians and coaches will be taking on an epic expedition that will push and test our limits to the extremes of human endurance.

Our team’s endurance will be tested over 14 days throughout a 900km row in the wilds along the Kafue River, the third largest tributary of the Zambezi and full of hippos and crocodiles. Our journey will start in the Kafue National Park and on to row the wilderness of the ecologically important Kafue Flats, before finishing at the site of World Rowing’s Kafue River and Rowing Centre.

The expedition story

The Boat Race Challenge

Everyone taking part in RowZambezi 2018 is undertaking a great personal challenge but four rowers with age-old rivalry are combining for an inclusive challenge during the expedition, rowing the Blue Boat all 900km.

Each rower represents one of the four Boat Race clubs. Having spent years competing directly against each other, we are now coming together to apply our technique, physiology and leadership for the greater good. As students of Oxford and Cambridge we recognise how privileged we are, and see it as our duty to find pioneering ways of tackling global issues

The Blue Boat will be rowed by 2 athletes from the Boat Race clubs, with the third seat used to coach the coaches and rowers as we travel down the Kafue River. The Boat Race rowers were inspired by the book, movie and documentary – ‘The First Overland’ where a group of Oxford and Cambridge students drove two Land Rovers from London to Singapore in 1955, a feat that has rarely been completed and near impossible today. The expedition was narrated by Sir David Attenborough using latest camera technology, which provided the first opportunity for many to see the world outside of Europe. Today we plan to use innovative camera technology to live stream the expedition, sharing our experiences and story with as many people as possible. We also want to work with corporations to fundraise for clean sustainable water.

The Boat Race Challenge

Jamie Cook

Sponsor Us

RowZambezi 2018 will not only promote rowing but highlight safe water and sanitation issues in Africa raising funds to create wells and provide fresh water for those most at need.

Every day we will be aiming for our 3 boats to row 65km each (equivalent to 10 hours continuous rowing or 1.5 marathons per boat).If you would like to be part of our expedition you can help fund RowZambezi 2018 by sponsoring one (or more) of these kilometres. As well as helping us achieve our goals, you will become part of the Royal Zambezi Sculling Club PLUS you will be entered into a series of prize draws to win some great experiences and prizes including a rowing experience at OUBC and being hosted at the Henley Royal Regatta with the Expedition Leader.

Sponsor Us

our squad

Zoe De Toledo
Zoë De Toledo

Olympic Silver Medallist
European Rowing Championships Gold Medallist

Sizwe Ndlovu
Sizwe Ndlovu

Olympic Gold Medallist (RSA)

Jodie Kidd
Jodie Kidd

Fashion Model
Racing Car Driver

See the whole squad

Become a Partner

This is a fantastic opportunity for organisations to become a funding partner or goods and services partner with RowZambezi.

Expedition sponsors will engage with the sport in exciting ways, as we reach out to the rowing community, adventurers and the general public both in the UK and Southern Africa. Your brand will gain visibility through the months leading up to, and throughout the expedition, and will be associated with athletes, celebrities and a fantastic cause.

Get in touch now. We’d love to hear from you and have you as part of the RowZambezi Team.

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