Our Squad

Beatrix Cook

GCSE Student
SWPS Rower

  • Age: 15
  • Hometown: Windsor
  • Club: Sir William Perkins School BC
  • Standard: School Rower
  • K18 Goal: Complete 100km for the green piping on the RowZambezi blazer!
  • Biggest Fear: Big bugs and my Dads dancing!
  • 3 things you'll bring to the expedition: Hair braiding, Zambian experience, and some bants that the old people on this trip won't understand!


I’m a student in my GCSE year at Sir William Perkins School in Chertsey. I represent my school in rowing; I started when I was 11 at my local club, Eton Excelsior, picking up coxing as a little sister to three big bros and knowing all the rowing lingo from an early age. Four years later and not many victories or Olympic medals to boast about, but a lot more enthusiasm as I grew taller and began to skull and later sweep.

I come to Zambia frequently as my cousins live here and have supported the former expeditions such as the original RowZambezi and the 2015 Moon Row, in awe of the great rowers and jealous of their amazing adventures. Finally, after years of patience, it’s my turn! I can’t wait to begin the rowing and take in all the sights and scenes of the Kafue River with its stunning surroundings and wildlife. I find the wildlife in Zambia so exciting and interesting compared to that of England, but the bugs here are massive!!

Another aspect of the expedition I’m intrigued in is the environmental tests we’re taking part in, such as the water quality testing in villages along the Kafue, counting the occurrence of Hippos and Elephants, and also looking at the invasive plants that can take over areas along the river. It’s also great to be working alongside the prominent charities WWF and Earthwatch with this research.

More about me

I enjoy music as I play the drums, percussion and the flute (yes quite a contrast!), and I’ve brought along a ukele to learn and get people singing round the fire. Hopefully I can find some traditional African drums to add to the musical ambience of the group; I’m also hoping to find a keen singer amongst us! 

I’m really eager to start the expedition and I can’t wait to row with all the different rowers including the elite athletes and Olympians.

our squad

Zoe De Toledo
Zoë De Toledo

Olympic Silver Medallist
European Rowing Championships Gold Medallist

Mouse Thornycroft
Micheen (Mouse) Thornycroft

2 time Zimbabwean Olympic Rower
2017 Filippi Spirit Award Winner

Desmond Nanchengwa

Top Single Male Sculler In Zambia
Competed In 3 World Championship Events

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